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Meyler Campbell

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User Experience

Responsive design for every device

Websites should work seamlessly across all devices, but in a future facing world, the older browsers are often forgotten. This site was made for all users, not just those with the latest devices. Go ahead, try it on IE9.

Website on a phone


The right tools for the right job

Building websites isn't about reinventing the wheel, it's about what works best for the client; In this case a booking engine that allowed Meyler Campbell to keep track of course bookings and easily manage events while on location. We recommended Eventbrite due it's ease of use, handy app, and powerful API which allowed for seamless integration into a custom calendar design.

Website on a phone

User Interface

Pure simplicity

From the off we knew there was a lot about the brand that wasn’t broken and didn’t need fixing but we also sensed a sleeping giant inside. So we but set about carefully stripping away anything that didn’t amplify Meyler Campbell’s greatest strengths, or didn’t speak directly to their audience and its needs. . The new brand is bolder, simpler, and… a lot clearer. It’s not afraid of white space, saying more by doing less, and a single-minded message.