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Meyler Campbell

A new approach to wealth management for people who believe there’s more to wealth than money

Digital Advertising

Design process

The colour of money

In wealth management 'money' is a dirty word, but when you have a brand that only invests with worthy and eco-friendly causes it's a different story. We were able to subtly hint towards this by using the visual elements of money, incorporating them into the visual identity.

Website on Tablet

Focused Working

One Day Build

I was given a day to build this one pager but I didn't let that stop me from making the best website I could. With such simple yet elegant assets to work with I decided that subtle movement would add a level of depth to an otherwise quite plain website.

Website on a phone


Optimised for performance

It's important that websites not only look good, but work well in the background. With the use of SVGs and a few optimisation tricks the Tribe website got Google's top rating, and when it comes to search rankings it's best to stay on their good side!